Trent, Baby. We Must Stop Meeting Like This.

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Well, Trent Reznor is giving away more free shit. This time, with NIN: Lights In The Sky, you can download a free EP that features Nine Inch Nails as well as the supporting acts from the group’s upcoming summer tour schedule:

the EP contains five high quality, DRM-free, fully-tagged MP3 files from a place to bury strangers, does it offend you, yeah?, crystal castles, deerhunter, and nine inch nails. your download will also include cover art and a pack of digital extras.

lolnin priceless

If you are a Nine Inch Nails fan and haven’t yet caught the group live, then you’re completely missing out on a prolonged Reznorgasm of your own. Aside from the obvious aesthetic benefits of a sweaty Trent Reznor, the supporting acts are, generally speaking, pretty damn entertaining. Back in November 1994 (gawd, that makes me feel old), I was fortunate enough to catch Trent and his posse during the NIN: Further Down The Spiral tour. Although the opening acts, a then unknown Marilyn Manson as well as the utterly freakish Jim Rose Circus, were rather bizarre, Nine Inch Nails’ performance more than made up for the trauma of witnessing Manson simulating masturbation with a prosthetic black dildo and watching Rubberman totally freak out a scorpion. Good times, mates.


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06.06.08 | 3:52 am

Yummy. Thank you.

06.07.08 | 4:26 am

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