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some Losties

It’s less than two weeks until Lost wraps things up with a humongous marathon, in which viewers will finally learn the answer to all the questions that have plagued them for six seasons now. Or at least some of the questions. Or maybe the show will end with ten minutes of J. J. Abrams rolling on a huge pile of money, laughing maniacally and flipping off the viewing audience with both fingers. Then again, he might have something even more awesome in mind, because that gigantic Lost finale just might be preempted by a cosmic disaster:

A rogue satellite is floating through space, threatening to push into another satellite’s orbit and interrupt cable TV programming in the United States.

Galaxy 15, a satellite that catches cable signals and beams them back to Earth, broke loose from its orbit and began a slow, out-of-control drift at about a tenth of a degree per day…. At that rate, the satellite will be close enough for its signals to interfere with the other satellite’s signals beginning May 23. [Emphasis added]

The satellite’s owners insist everything is under control, and they’ll have the problem solved in no time. So apparently the satellite is owned by British Petroleum. Personally, I think it’s more intriguing to speculate that Abrams and the writers might have deliberately engineered this situation—partly because it’s spectacular, and partly because there’s no freakin’ way they can tie up the hundreds, maybe thousands of loose ends Lost has left dangling across its narrative path. If that’s the case, then you know that somewhere James Cameron and Michael Bay are gnashing their teeth in envy and taking some very disturbing notes.


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05.13.10 | 12:39 am

We could ask the Chinese to blow it up, they’re good at that.

05.15.10 | 2:31 pm

PS holy crap the site’s a lot faster, good job. ;)

05.15.10 | 2:32 pm

Thanks for noticing, Jvon. We’ve been working on it. :twisted:

05.16.10 | 5:00 pm

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